August 24th - September 13th: San Francisco, California 

September 14th - September 20th: Terrebonne, Oregon 

September 21st - October 29th: Bend, Oregon 

October 30th - November 21st:  San Francisco, California

November 22nd - December 1st: Bend, Oregon 


Food Styling and Photography for Visual Storytelling with Charlotte Dupont

This workshop is for people who want to improve their visual storytelling abilities through the medium of photography. While we will cover the basics of food styling and photography, this workshop delves deeply into the process of creating a story and emotional connection behind your images. It is the perfect opportunity for seasoned bloggers, those new to photography or those wanting to up their social media game to learn not only how to create beautiful images but also how to tell a powerful story through those images. The class will cover: the importance of food styling, how to set up and take a great picture of food no matter your location, how to build a coherent story out of a series of images, a walk-through of exactly how I color-correct and edit images in Adobe Lightroom and a hands on opportunity to do some styling of your own with gorgeous food provided by Mission Heirloom. Those with DSLR cameras and iPhones are welcome. 

September 6th. Berkeley, California.