What kind of photographer are you?

I am a journalistic style photographer specializing in portrait, food/drink and lifestyle. My background in Journalism influences my photographic style immensely. I'm passionate about capturing authentic moments. My shoots are structured in a free-flowing and organic way so that I am able to capture your energy and authentic self.

I hate being in-front of camera. 

This is exactly why I structure my photo sessions as adventurous hangouts. You don't have to do anything but show up feeling good. I will help bring out your authentic self. It's my job!


I am not brand loyal when it comes to gear. I shoot on the best DSLR available on the market at the time. Up until September 2016 I was shooting exclusively on the Nikon D810, full-frame camera. I will be switching to the Canon 5d Mark IV in November 2016. 

I shoot on prime lenses exclusively. That means no zoom. I'd rather interact with my clients and move my body than simply move the lens. I have a 35mm, 1.4, 35mm 1.2, 85mm, 1.4, 60 macro. I mostly use my 35mm—it has become my personal style of photography. 

What program do you edit in?


Do you teach workshops?

Yes I teach workshops and host retreats. Stay tuned here. 

Where are you based?

Good question. I am a full-time traveling international photographer. That being said, I mostly split my time between San Francisco and Bend, Oregon. However, I work with clients worldwide. I've shot for agencies in New York, private clients in San Francisco, brands in Copenhagen, Denmark. The coolest place I've been for work? The Faroe Islands!

Examples of your work?

Lifestyle Branding Session





What should I wear for our portrait session?

I'm not kidding when I say that I want you to wear something that makes you feel AMAZING. I want you to wear something that is uniquely you. The more flowy-colorful-dynamic your outfit is, the cooler your images will be. Clothing choice absolutely plays a huge roll in imagery. You can always feel free to bring a few options to our shoot. Any extra accessories like hats/scarves/etc. that you love are highly advisable!!

How long do you keep files?

For reasons related to not having unlimited storage space, I keep private client originals + edited images for 90 days. So please remember to back up the images you receive from me. Beyond 90 days, I can't be responsible for your images. Thank you so much for understanding.

For commercial clients, I keep original + edited images for up to 6 months. 


I like to think of your photoshoots as a investment. My pricing model is based on a combination of:

+ my level of education

+ how long I've been working in the industry

+ the industry standard

+ the level of demand for my work

+ the investment I've made in equipment

+ time spent photographing + editing

Please note that for every hour I photograph I spent one hour editing. I adjust my prices every six months so please note that a session that may have been a certain amount in 2014 will likely be different than in 2017. Thank you for understanding!

Can I shadow you?

Of course! I am all about community over competition and I feel really grateful to the mentors who let me shadow them when I was just starting out. Just send me an email and we can set something up. 

Do you do 1-1 mentoring?

Do you want more than just a session shadowing me? I offer that as well. I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. Email me about setting up a 1-1. I can tailor this session to fit whatever your needs are. Learning how to shoot manually, coaching clients on posing, post-process editing and so on. Whatever you want. In this session you will also be gifted 5 beautiful portraits of yourself taken by yours truly. 

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. Effective October 1, 2016, I now require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit via Paypal or Venmo (+ a $3.00 service fee) for all basic private photoshoots (family, couple, portrait, engagement.) This allows me to save your spot in my calendar. I have to do this because my calendar gets booked quickly these days and my time is in demand. A larger deposit is required for more involved services. 

Did I miss anything? 

Contact me.